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Folder Download - Technics structure

Technics now has facilities that were built specifically to meet its needs.

In a single address are accommodated all its departments, which have modern infrastructure for the office, factory and utilities, with computer servers, computer networks, IP telephony, so that the whole operation is agile, efficient and suitable for the activities.

Factory - The factory occupies the entire ground floor, which included the warehouse, mechanical assemblies, electrical and pneumatics, as well as the area reserved for integration testing, FAT, inspection, packing and shipping.

All these areas were distributed sequentially and planned so as to optimize the flow of the production process and divided into bays wich sizes are configurable as needed for each project.

Office - The first floor is occupied by the administrative, financial, commercial and engineering departments, encompassing  in a single level all office activities.

To support these activities, the Technics has its intranet, where the contractual information, management and detailed design are available to users with controlled access as needed for each department.

Facilities - The second floor includes a training room, configurable as the classroom, meeting room, working groups room or auditorium and provided with necessary equipment for such purposes, such as projector, Ethernet, Internet access, teleconferencing, etc..

Facilities - Aiming to ease and comfort for employees, kitchen and restaurant are available to them, where breakfast and lunch are served daily. Monthly a special breakfast is served to celebrate the birthdays of the month, creating a moment of relaxation and interaction ..

Technics Sistemas de Automacao Ltda.
Address:  Rua Guiomar da Rocha, 347 - CEP 02521-060 - Casa Verde - Sao Paulo - SP
   Phone/fax: (55-11) 3855.0290     contact: technics@technics.com.br