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For a highly professional performance in the market, besides rely on its highly trained workforce, Technics have as philosophy always count on the official support of the manufacturer / supplier of equipment, product or automation software.

This policy guarantees access to all information needed for better performance.

Technics aims to always fit the procedures and requirements of partners vendors of products and software, participating in its programs for integrators, subjecting its members to available training courses and purchasing the licenses of software.

Thus we always seeks to be recognized as an authorized integrator and reseller, acting clearly and to the highest standards of ethics, ensuring a lasting and professional relationship with both customers and with partners and suppliers.

Rockwell AutomatiomCLP SLC-500, PLC-5, ControlLogix, CompactLogix, FlexLogix, MicroLogix, Panelview, Panelview Plus, industrials switchs.
Softwares: RSLogix, FactoryTalk Softwares.
General ElectricCLP 90/30, 90/70, PAC-30, PAC-70.
Aquarius Supervisory systems software Fix, iFix, Cimplicity.
ICS TriplexTMR Regent, Trusted, AADvance.
Invensys/WonderwareSupervisory systems software In Touch.
Schneider EletricCLP Modicom Premium, Quantum.
ElipseSupervisory systems software E3, Elipse SCADA.
LadderCLP, IHMI, Application programming software.
Pepperl & FuchsBarriers, multiplexers, signal conditioners, purge systems, Remote I/O.
Phoenix ContactElectronic modules, Power supplies, terminal blocks, signal conditioners.
SiemensCLP Step 7, programming software.
ProsoftCommunication radios, protocols converters, special modules for CLP.
HirschmannSwitchs for industrial backbones.
Carthom´sSpecial and standard panels.
Painel TecSpecial panels.

Technics Sistemas de Automacao Ltda.
Address:  Rua Guiomar da Rocha, 347 - CEP 02521-060 - Casa Verde - Sao Paulo - SP
   Phone/fax: (55-11) 
3855.0290     contact: technics@technics.com.br