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Application Notes

Over the years since its founding in 1995, Technics has accumulated extensive experience, proven in numerous applications using different equipment and techniques, depending on the need for each specific application.

Here are some Application Notes, where we show some projects executed and the specific features of each.

Painels for hazardous areaExample of certified panels delivered.pdf
Pneumatic panels
Supply of pneumatic panels to White Martins (Praxair).pdf
PES for hazardous areaSupply of PES for hazardous area at Petrobras UTGSUL.pdf
SMS Ethernet networkBenzene detection system for Petrobras.pdf
Ethernet Industrial networksIndustrial backbone network supply for Petrobras.pdf
HVACHeating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.pdf
PES with TMRSystems for critical applications up to SIL 3.pdf

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