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From the feasibility  survey to turnkey services, Technics has the best technical and economic option

Technics, having its focus on automation solutions, helps its clients to achieve their productivity, reliability and safety goals and assist them so that they are able to face successfully the increasing pressure from highly competitive markets, which simultaneously demand the reduction of costs, improvements in the quality of products and services, respect for the environment and improvements in productivity.

Aiming at better serving the clients and commercializing the automation packages – from the initial stage of queries to the final post-sales stage – Technics has five well-defined technical departments composed of experienced professionals with renowned technical competence that is permanently updated:

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Application Engineering

  • Technical feasibility survey, assessment of necessary investments and of the results to be achieved in the implementation of the automation system;

  • Proposal of automation alternatives presenting the best options – considering equipment, software and configurations – aiming at offering the clients the best choice for their specific needs;

  • Assessment of equipment and service costs for the automation solutions offered;

  • Details on the project execution schedule.

Technics Sistemas de Automacao Ltda.
Address:  Rua Guiomar da Rocha, 347 - CEP 02521-060 - Casa Verde - Sao Paulo - SP
   Phone/fax: (55-11) 
3855.0290     contact: technics@technics.com.br